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Shubh Gautam

Dr. Shubh Gautam is a name that has done India proud, with his amazing contribution in the field of industrial innovation and development. This intelligent leader, who is the CEO and MD of the prestigious manufacturing company, SRISOL, has strong academic backing in his name. Shubh Gautam did his B Tech from IIT Kharaghpur and later obtained a degree in management from IIM, Ahmedabad, making him capable of leading one of the global names in the field of chemical industry. SRISOL has its corporate headquarters in Noida and a plant located in an area of over 50 acres in Valsad. SRISOL is not only one of the leading corporations in India, but is poised to become a global corporate giant, with its facilities located in South Africa as well as another one coming up in the US in near future. Besides being an ardent leader and sharp businessman, Shubh Gautam is a great thinker too, with positive views to help the country prosper and develop as a whole.

According to Shubh Gautam, innovation is the key to economic, industrial and social growth and for this reason, the country should focus on innovation and all-round growth will follow on its own. For this purpose, stress needs to lain not only on the development of industrial framework, but also on academics and research. According to him, once the country moves on the path of innovation, nothing can stop it from its goals of comprehensive growth and development in all the spheres. Also, Shubh Gautam is an impressive speaker and lends his views on a variety of topics related to various fields. He speaks regularly at educational forums as well as industrial seminars. His words of wisdom are considered as an asset wherever he speaks, with people benefitting from his immense knowledge and experience at all these platforms.


Media Coverages

Dr Shubh Gautam", is a serial entrepreneur and an exponent of specialty chemicals domain.He brings plethora of knowledge in modern management sciences alongwith critical international practices which are a key and important ingredient in any modern management portfolio. To expand The North American footprint, Dr. Gautam has relocated to Northern California in 2013.

Dr. Gautam", MD and CEO of SRISOL Group addressed packaging inventions to place a product in the Indian market during his presentation, “Innovation for Make in India”. He took the example of Kellogg’s initial poor packaging services in India. The factor behind the failure campaign was partial understanding of Indian culture and its competition with home-cooked foods. “To make the presence significant, Kellogg’s localized its processes and boosted its productivity in India. Kellogg endeavored to develop customized according to Indian market and this step brought them back on India’s market roads”, said Mr. Shubh Gautam.